Long time, no see. But back again now. We are making this theme last until Sept 30th since we are somehow already half way through August. Usual word counts apply (100 word for flash fiction, 2000 words max for longer pieces). Send completed pieces to… Read More


Free Rein – Martin

The Return The taxi drove up to the house, splattering leaves from its wheels. Mrs Surefire jumped from the passenger seat carrying a holdall. She smiled at the lawn mowed in strips straight as razors. Mr Surefire stepped out from the house through the grass,… Read More


Free Rein – Ewout

Smile I could see it pacing below me, nervously eying the visitors. Its golden fur was covered in dust, its wild manes sticky with water. Over here, I shouted, but all it did was pace back and forth, focused on the dazzling multitude of flashing… Read More


Free Rein – Jerry

The Boy With The Camo Hoodie Once upon a time, there was a boy who wore a camo hoodie.  He lived with his father in a shotgun shack.  One day, across the street, the neighbors had a big birthday party, with balloons and a piñata,… Read More


Free Rein

After an unplanned break, normal service is resumed. And to make it easier on everyone, we’re going to make it a free for all for the next month (and a bit). So until 30th June we are opening up submissions to work on any theme… Read More


Blossom – Louise

Our first encounter was in the middle of a blizzard, knee deep in fresh snow, before we quickly scurried away in search of warmth. When we next met the ground was clear but wet. Still too cold to hang around, we huddled briefly in a… Read More